A new season has begun

I can’t believe it has been over a year since I made that last post about seasons. A LOT has happened to me since. For starters, I finished up my MDIV degree at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (TEDS for short). The class I took last fall was *very* challenging and consumed most of my waking/non-working hours. Needless to say I passed (with an A-, of which I am most proud). I also had to finish two semesters of a part-time internship, both of which were done this year. I’ve had a very, very busy year.

But that has passed, I am finished with *all that* and ready for a new chapter in my life. One of them being the fact that I now have TRAVEL TIME to take DURING a semester – something I’ve never had before. Oh me, oh my, where, o where will I go? Let me tell you.

First up is a weekend trip to mid-state New York where I will be spending the weekend in a cabin…at least the nights will be in the cabin. During the day, however, I will be attending the New York Sheep and Wool Festival…otherwise known simply as Rhinebeck* in the kniterly world. KL and MB have agreed to go and the three of us couldn’t be more excited! Rhinebeck is like the Mecca pilgrimage that every knitter dreams of.

Second up will be a trip to England to visit my dear friend JS, who moved back to England after a very long hiatus. She sent me a video today she shot of some sheep grazing in a pasture…right along the walking path she walks every day. šŸ™‚

On the needles right now is a vast plethora of projects. I just finished a little baby sweater for D&SPs first child. I found the cutest little elephant head buttons. I totally forgot to take a picture, though. Epic fail.

I’m also working on a second project for them and will take this with me to Rhinebeck as my go-to project. But I will be taking the shawl for SEP that I started a year ago. Thankfully I’m almost done. And I will be taking another shawl project, you know, just in case I decide the first two make me bored. And, just because I will need something small to carry, I’ll be taking the socks along.

The one thing I’m looking for at Rhinebeck is a spinning wheel. I’m not sure that I will purchase one, but I will be earnestly looking. I’ve been saving up for one for some time now, but to be honest, decent ones cost upwards of $700 or more, and I haven’t saved *that* much money. But we’ll see. You never know what will be found. Case in point, KL and I went to the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival last month and a vendor was selling a wheel for a friend who only wanted $300 for it – and it was a decent wheel. So you never know. But I won’t be disappointed if I come home empty handed. I’m just really looking forward to the experience of Rhinebeck more than anything else. And knitting with KL and MB. I’ve missed our weekend knit-outs.