the Sweater Saga part 3b: finding the mistakes

When faced with a dilemma so huge as to be off by 5 stitches, sometimes the only thing to do besides frogging everything and starting over (which is unacceptable) or drowning one’s sorrows in vodka (I don’t drink), is to chart the pattern. Some patterns come in charts, like most lace patterns, and this makes total sense: in order to “read” your knitting you need to “see” the pattern and charts help with this.

But I’m not knitting lace, I’m knitting a simple, stockinette sweater back – really, nothing to chart about. But in helping me to narrow down why I’m off by 5 stitches (not some nice, round number like 2 or 4), I had to go back to the beginning and chart.

Here’s what it looks like:

SweaterMistake1Simple enough, right? Okay, so the next step is to count what I have:

SweaterMistake2See the problem? Maybe this will help:

SweaterMistake3Mistake #1 in the red circle is that on my last row I didn’t decrease when I should have. Great, that is 1 stitch accounted for. Mistake #2: I didn’t do the last whole row – which accounts for 4 stitches. 1+4 = 5, and now that I’ve accounted for all 5, now I need to figure out how to fix.

I’m thinking I’ll need to tink back to change the 11 to 10 (in the red circle), which means knitting back 1 whole row and then a partial row to get back to the middle stitch marker on that side.

*sigh* Knitting backwards is not my strong suit. Wish me luck!