the sweater-saga part 3: waist-shaping

Its been a few weeks since I’ve posted – primarily because I’ve been too busy with school stuff and haven’t had time to knit. But I am a little further along than when last we met. Further along enough for me to know that things aren’t working out. Yeah, again.

So the last we met, I had divided my knitting up into 6 sections – three on the left and three on the right (complete with matching pairs of stitch markers). The best I can make out in the directions, I am to do the decreases in rows of 2 – two decreases at the center stitch marker on each side on row 1 and 4 decreases (one on each of the remaining 2 stitch markers on each side) on row 3. So doing this 6 times would be…6×6, or a total of 36 stitches decreased.

Okay, so, I cast on 194 stitches. That means that if I decrease by 36 stitches I should have 158 stitches on the needles. However, my directions say that I should have 156 stitches on the needles. However, I have 159. *sigh* In case you haven’t figured out what my problem is – none of those three numbers match the other. Something ain’t right.

*sigh* Now to try and figure out what *THAT* is. But it is late and past my bedtime. The brain shut down 15 minutes ago. The investigation will have to be placed on hold.