i just wanna cry

I’ve been furiously knitting away on a little lacy shawlette (one that has beads on it too) trying to get it done for my friend Rebekah’s wedding on Saturday. I’m working on the border, which is knitted on sideways. In truth, the border is only 8-stitches wide and is a 4-row repeat – how hard can that be? I can memorize 32 stitches, no problem.


I was knitting away Monday night when I suddenly noticed a dropped stitch. I think a bad 4-letter word came out of my mouth at that time. It had fallen about 3 rows down. With great calm and poise that even surprised me, I placed the knitting on the table, pulled out my crochet hook and started trying to figure out what went wrong (okay, that’s not true – I didn’t really care at that point what went wrong) and more importantly, how to fix it. An hour later I ended up with *something*, though I’m not sure what I really did. Who cares? It is 100% noticeable, but only if you’re looking for it. *hopefully*

Onward I went, knitting happily way.


Another dropped stitch was found.


Into time out the project went.

I went to bed, slept fitfully and woke up determined to fix it. Which I did. And it looked much better than the first attempt the night before. Much better. So, onward I went. Keep in mind that by this point I’m nearly 3/4 of the way through the border when this happened the first time. I mean, like the first 200 rows went perfectly, so why all-of-a-sudden am I facing these dropped stitches?

Determined to get some knitting done on Tuesday morning, I fixed the mistake, placed it out of my mind and then carried on…paying close attention to my knitting, determined to NOT.DROP.ANOTHER.STITCH.

Well, that didn’t happen. I mean, I did. Drop another one. Yes, yes I did.

This morning I picked up my knitting and had a successful morning of it. I have, quite literally, 8 repeats left to do. I CAN DO THIS. No more dropped stitches!

(I keep repeating the mantra “there’s no crying in knitting…there’s no crying in knitting…”)