I keep waiting (and waiting…and waiting….) for life to return to normal, but it hasn’t happened yet. This has been one crazy year for me – first with the knee injury and then with work overload and church-work overload -and- school. I have been knitting during all this time, but every so slowly.

First off, I completed my Sunset Shawl. Finally. It has been a wonderful little shawl so far – I wear it nearly every day at work, so it was definitely worth the wait. I had knit this pattern before for my mom, but I decided to make mine larger, and by larger, I mean that it took for. ever. to knit. That and I had to purchase extra yarn twice, should tell you how much larger this thing is than my moms. I think I will take it home with me at Christmas and take a comparison photo.

Right now, though, I’m working on a beaded shawlette for my friend Rebekah’s wedding. Just a little something to keep the tops of her shoulders warm. The beads are driving me crazy. I knit some last night and dropped a stitch and had to perform surgery and then this morning I did the exact same thing. Ugh! Can you tell I’m ready for this to be finished? I’m hoping that I can get it to blocking by Thursday night so that I can give it to her on Friday night for the rehearsal (I’m reading at her wedding, so I get to go to the rehearsal and dinner). Come to think of it – this is the third wedding I’ve read for. Kristin’s (my sister), Julie’s (my former roommate) and now Rebekah’s. Does the same theory about wedding “readers” hold true as for bridesmaids? You know, always a bridesmaid but never the bride? Hm…

So, I’m still here. And still knitting. And still waiting for my life to return to something resembling normalcy. Unless this is the new normal and no one ever told me. Is it?