and then the months go by

No excuses – none. Neglect? Perhaps. Laziness? Probably. Forgetfulness? Possibly. But none of these things truly explain why I haven’t written in just over 2 months. Part of it is that I feel I have nothing new knitting-wise to share. I’ve been working on the Sunset shawl for what seems like f.o.r.e.v.e.r. I’m nearly done, though, so I should have some pictures for you….soon (soon being a relative time-frame). I feel, however, as if I’ve been caught in the groundhog-day of knitting – the never ending loop of been-there-done-that. And just in case you don’t understand the drudgery that I’ve been facing, let me put it into perspective.

In the original pattern, the medium sized shawl (which is the one I’m making) has a nice cable pattern that is repeated 21 times. I, in my infinite wisdom that apparently does not carry my insight very far down the road, chose to knit one larger. Larger = more repeats of the pattern. How many more? nearly double. I would say that I probably have 5 repeats left and I’ve already knit 32, so by the time I’m done I’ll have knit 37 repeats of this pattern. That, my friends, is boring and frustrating. And so I have been struggling with getting this thing done.

The good news is that I have *finally* finished knitting it! Woohoo! All I have left is the weaving in of ends and blocking, which I will probably do this weekend.