oh the mistakes I make

Sometimes I find myself making the most stupid simple mistakes. This morning was no exception. I’ve been working on the edging of a shawl for probably close to a year now. My first problem (not a mistake, this was intentional) was making the shawl larger. I did this because, well, I’m a larger person than most people, especially circumference-wise. The situation in which I now find myself is that the edging is knitted on sideways and due to the larger circumference it means that the border takes longer to knit. So here I am, knitting away on this shawl. The border is knit on sideways and will have (I believe) somewhere near 35 repeats of the cable pattern. And since this is the second time I’ve knit this, you’d think that I would know this pattern cold. As it turns out, I modified the pattern this morning by adding an extra little yarn over.


See that? This type of mistake is such a newbie one – it is caused by bringing the yarn over the needles when switching from the knit to the purl stitch (or the reverse) instead of moving the yarn down and under the needles. I’m really glad that I go back and double check my work…otherwise I might not have noticed. I probably would have gotten about 3 rows up and wondering why my stitch count was off….But this was easily rectified. šŸ™‚ I do know how to fix most of my mistakes.


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