chugging right along

One of the things I like about the pattern I’m knitting right now is that even though the border is knitted on sideways, multiplying the amount of knitting by a factor of about 10 (really it is a factor of 2, but it feels much more like a factor of 10), the repeats (of which there were 26) are getting smaller and shorter. I’m down to just 5 repeats left and there are only 9 stitches on border, as opposed to 32 when I started.

In the picture below the space between the orange line and the first yellow line took about 25 minutes (or less, I wasn’t really paying attention) and the number of repeats between the two yellow lines is 5, which means that I have about 2.5 hours (or less) of knitting left on this shawl.


Which means that when I travel to Maryland in 2 weeks, this baby will be D.O.N.E. and I’ll have an opportunity to work on something DIFFERENT! Yey!

The only problem is now that the shawl is almost done, it is now summer. 😦 Poor timing on my part, very poor.