lessons learned and a shawl update

I think my little “staycation” was successful. Here is a list of just *some* of the things I did:

  1. Received permission to stop wearing my knee brace. YEY!
  2. Made a trip to Ikea and purchased curtains for my little painting project. Then I subsequently ruined the curtains by washing and drying them, effectively shrinking them length-wise by 13 inches. These have now turned into my “test” curtains. When I finally figure out what I’m going to do and make sure that it will work, I’ll go back and purchase some more. Luckily the curtains were only $20 for 2.
  3. Made my first (and second and third) batch of panang. Yum!
  4. Took Bug out to lunch and to see a movie. We saw Mr. Peabody and Sherman. While I don’t think he understood all the “adult” humor, he totally enjoyed the movie, so I’ll call it a success.
  5. Watched Divergent with Kate. I think we both enjoyed the movie, even though I didn’t get home and to bed last night until 10:30. A very late night for me.
  6. Did a lot of knitting – including the picture below.
  7. Took a knitting class on how to do brioche knitting. Fairly easy technique once you understand it properly. Until you make a mistake and don’t know how to fix it. I’ll have to make a run up to the knitting store on Saturday. 😦
  8. Attended the Church of the Fluffy Pillow on Sunday and aside from the 2 phone calls Sunday morning, it was glorious.

Here is the update picture of the Follow Your Arrow shawl. I’ve begun the edging, which is knitted on sideways. This designer has totally blown my mind with techniques on this shawl, up to and including the spine stitch that looks like it is knitted one way but is actually knit sideways. Totally. Awesome. To get the full detail of this image, click on it to embiggen it.

Follow Your Arrow 2 - panoramic





I’ll post a picture of the brioche next week after I get my little mistake fixed. 🙂