learning a new skill…or two

One of the things I love about knitting is that it is so varied. The techniques and patterns are endless and so are the things you can make – from hats to socks and everything wearable in between, to blankets and pillows and all things comforting and cozy to stuffed animals. Really – the list is quite possibly endless. So far in my 9 years of knitting, I’ve learned to make cables and lace – and that’s really about it. I have done 2 colorwork items, but I’ve discovered that they are not my favorite thing to do. Lace, though, I’m in love with lace.

You may be wondering where this is all going…well, I’ll tell you. I’m going to be taking a class next weekend on brioche knitting. Like I said in an earlier post – I’m not even sure I can describe it adequately, but it involves knitting with 2 strands at the same time – but it is not double knitting (double knitting is where you knit two layers at the same time) and it is not “colorwork” (where the colors are knitted to form a pattern of some sort). Brioche seems to be more of a ribbing style of knitting but with 2 strands. Here is an example:


Notice how the colors are different on each side? One side is mostly greens and the other is red/orange/yellow? Essentially it is ribbed striping.

Interesting, eh? I’ve been wanting to learn this for a while, so this is my birthday gift to myself. Now all I need to decide is who’s going to get the first brioche knitted item I make? Hm…


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