For the first time in my entire adult life, I will be ending my employer’s fiscal year with extra vacation days. Yes, that’s right – I will have 5 days to carry over into the next fiscal year. Which means that I will start the next fiscal year with a total of 27 vacation days to take. This is entirely unprecedented. And, I still have 2 whole days unaccounted for in this fiscal year – that I will need to take by the end of May…goodness, what will I ever do?

Next weekend, though, next weekend is totally accounted for – I’m having a nice “staycation”. I’m taking off Thursday – Monday (Apr 3-7), so a very nice 5 days off (including church, I won’t be going to my church on this weekend). Thursday I will have an ortho post-op check in with the doctor (13 weeks post-op) and a therapy appointment – but after those I plan on going to Ikea for a little curtain shopping.

Friday has no plans as of yet – though I’m sure that it will probably have some painting and/or sewing in store. Saturday is the YarnCon down in Chicago and after deliberating for, oh, about 5 seconds, I decided to go. I’ll be taking a knitting class in the afternoon on Brioche knitting – a technique that I’ve never tried before and can’t even begin to explain, so you’ll just have to wait for the pictures.

Sunday and Monday are both up in the air – but I will probably do some sewing and more painting.

A nice little springtime staycation!