more snow and another shawl

Woke up this morning to more snow. Ugh. The brain just can’t really process this – I’m tired of snow.

So, in trying to keep with being positive, I decided to cast on for a new shawl yesterday. This will be another Follow Your Arrow, but I’ll choose a different path this time. The last FYA I made was a BABAA, this one is going to be an ABBAB – so the only clue that will be the same will be the 4th clue. Here’s a picture in progress:


The variegated yarn’s colorway is called Mesa – and it totally reminds me of Arizona. The driver that this one is intended for owns 3 horses and whenever I think of horses I think of the Wild West and whenever I think of the Wild West I think of Arizona and whenever I think of Arizona I see these colors. So I thought it would be perfect for her. 🙂

I also ventured into beads last week. I ordered 2 colors – one is a frosted transparent white and the other is a frosted transparent grey. The intended shawl is baby blue and for some reason the grey looks really good, so those are the ones I’m going to go with. I even had to order a very small (very, very small) crochet hook to fit inside the beads – a very delicate little thing it is. Now I just need to get to the point where I can start adding them on…only 30 more rows to go…

So, Mom, I have a question for you. I posted a knitting pic on Facebook a few weeks ago and Sue commented on it –

facebook entry



You’ll have to tell me more about this.