adventures in cooking

I’ve gotten into the habit of eating two slices of toast with almond butter and a dab of honey. But almond butter is expensive…one jar of raw organic almond butter at Woodman’s was $13 last weekend and try as I might, I just can’t fathom spending $13 on one jar of almond butter. So when I woke up this morning and realized that I had no more almond butter, I decided to make my own.

I was a little worried when I still had this after 10 minutes of processing:


But after about 15 minutes I came out like this:


And a very few short minutes after that, I had this:


Rather remarkable, no? It turned out a little crumbly (as seen in the photo), but it tasted so good. I’m going to be doing this from now on. The bag of almonds cost me around $5, and I only used half a bag. I nearly filled a 12-oz jar, so for about $2.50 I have myself a jar of almond butter. Not bad, not bad at all.

Marylin arrives on Friday for the NSKO4 (that’s North Shore Knit Out #4) for those who may not know or remember. I’m taking tomorrow off to finish up doing house chores (re: cleaning) because I haven’t had time to do it for a while – lots and lots of reading for school (but the largest chunk of reading was due on Tuesday and I made the deadline with about 50 minutes to spare).

I will be working on the poncho for Olivia, since she asks about it every time I talk to her. Here is what I have:

IMG_0730.JPG (2)I’ve finished the font and collar, and am about 3-4 inches from finishing the back panel. Once that is done, I will pick up all the stitches along the edge (yes, that is A TON of stitches to pick up) and do a couple of rows of the lavender and then switch back to the dark purple for the sides. Then I’ll get to repeat that whole process for the other side. Joy.

I must REALLY love my niece!


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