Being sick is no easy thing. I’m beginning to settle into my new way of life – namely my limited food source by which I am trying to stay true. The hardest part is still the planning…what shall I make for dinner tonight? I haven’t actually ventured into cooking a meal just yet, I’ve been sustaining myself by omelets and a thing I like to call “my black bean and veggie quesadilla”. Oh, and rye toast with honey and almond butter. Not very glamorous, but it is what it is.

I am going to have to start seriously planning because I have the North Shore Knit Out season 4 coming up in a few weeks…and I can’t let Kate do all the cooking. That wouldn’t be fair.

In lieu of the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival this year, Kate and Jane and I went out to lunch in Kenosha and then to Kenosha’s local yarn store, Fiddlehead Yarns, instead. Then we went back to Kate’s house and spent the rest of the afternoon knitting. It was bliss.

While at the yarn store, I purchased this:

luxury yarn

I love those colors! The yarn is a lace weight and very soft…it will make a wonderful one of these:


In case you can’t quite tell, the small one (with gold on top) is a cowl and the larger one is a circular scarf that can be wrapped around the neck or hung loose. I plan on combining these two and making a super long scarf. And I am going to start this during the NSKO 4. 🙂

I am, though, making progress with Miss O’s poncho…can’t let another year go by without completing her order. I don’t think she would forgive me.

It feels good to be back.

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  1. When thinking about food for NSKO4, remember that I am very flexible. Peter was eating macrobiotic when we first met, and I joined him in that for a couple of years. So I have plenty of experience with not-typically-Western foods. I like most of them, at least the ones you can buy in stores here (no scorpion on a stick for me). Also, I assume you have talked with Kate and picked her mind about non-dairy vegetarian stuff. I bet you just need to get a little experience to regain your confidence!

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