procrastination and indecision

I promised Niece #1 that I would make her a poncho – her request. This promise was made waaaaaaayyyyyyyy back at Christmas time last year. I have yet to start. Yeah, I know, I’m a horrible Aunt. I am. Its okay to say so.

I had found a really cute poncho that I liked – plain and simple, with a hood and in O’s size. The drawback for me right now is that is calls for bulky yarn and I only have worsted. Vastly different weights of yarn and thus the size of the poncho will be greatly altered. Oh wait – as I write this I think I know of a solution. (Oh here we go…off on making alterations that usually don’t go very well for me.)

I’m going to knit a swatch tonight and see what my actual gauge is. Yes, I think this is the responsible knitterly think to do. Knitters who are much better than I ALWAYS knit swatches before the embark on a new project regardless of whether or not they will be making alterations. So swatch it is.

Now, you may be curious as to my options. Here is my first choice:


I like the two big buttons on the side helping to define the arms.

But, this might not be fancy-pants enough for Miss O. So here are two more choices:


















Your pic?




One thought on “procrastination and indecision

  1. Geez. I like all of them! If I HAD to choose I guess I’d go with #2 but with a wider flare to it as 1 and 3 have. But I like the turtle neck of #3 (not the fringe) and the buttons of #1. I don’t like the giant poms on #2 either. This can’t be helping….

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