a little clean never hurt anyone

Saturday I did something I had been putting off for, well, the better part of 2 years: I cleaned and sorted out my home office. I threw away stacks of paper and old magazines. I did all my back filing. I swept and vacuumed the floor.

And it sparkles!

One of the benefits of cleaning something like the home office is the opportunity to find things that I had considered lost. Like the current shawl pattern I had been working on. I have been looking for that pattern for the better part of 2 weeks, if not more. I couldn’t imagine what I had done with it or where I had left it. Voila! It was buried under a stack of papers. 🙂

So I merrily knit away this weekend on said shawl. Because even though it is a billion degrees outside, the cold will be back sooner than I can imagine.


2 thoughts on “a little clean never hurt anyone

  1. Let us go back a few decades. Remember, as a child I always had a hard time getting you to clean your room???? But, when you actually did, you always found something you had been looking for and/or it was money you had forgotten about. Spring forward a few decades. When you/we were cleaning out your Atlanta apartment, we found a cashier’s check for $400???? That had expired??? That you had forgotten about??? And, that your brother-in-law, who worked at a bank, cashed it for you—even though it had expired??? It may be helpful in the future to look back and think of life’s lessons. Just sayin’.

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