training mom


A few years ago my parents went on a cruise to the Panama Canal and other places (I don’t really know where they went…just that they went somewhere “down there”). I had put in a request that should they *happen* upon any type of yarn store they should stop and buy me some yarn. Well, that idea didn’t really go over so well and they came back yarnless.

Last year they again went on an international cruise, this time to the British Isles. I again made a request for yarn. And much to my delight I received some wonderful Scotland yarn! A beautiful pure white DK-weight yarn that is fairly soft. I’m thinking mittens are going to be in order for it!

This year, my parents took a land cruise (via a bus) to some national parks in Wyoming and South Dakota. Again I have scored two lovely skeins of wool – grown locally at farms in Wyoming! Woohoo!


I love the fact that these skeins give the name of the farm on them…it just makes it so personal.

Mom is becoming well trained! Well trained indeed!

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  1. Sorry it took soooo long to comment, but you posted (after I had dutifully checked your blog page day after day after day after day—you get the idea) while I could not only check, but could not respond. I’m glad you liked the yarn from CO. But are you making an obtuse reference to ‘the ole’ gray mare’?????

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