Having an excessive stash of yarn is kinda like over eating: it happens when the eyes are bigger than your stomache…or in this case, the desire is bigger than the reality of what is possible. I’ve come to appreciate having a stash of yarn – there are times when either I finish a project or I’m just not “feeling” a project and need to cast on for something different. Having a nice and varied stash helps tremendously in those rare times.

It was with great reservation that I managed to survive the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival by purchasing only 5 skeins of yarn: 3 skeins of a lace weight for a project, one skein in “my” blue (yes, I know, I know…I have too much blue) and one skein of a tinsel yarn in…wait for it….in a RED/yellow/orange colorway, also earmarked for a specific project. So – basically yarn for 3 shawl projects. Of course these three shawl projects will take me the rest of my life…but, I purchased them anyway. I think I was splendidly conservative.

I also purchased a pair of these:


This is a pair of Signature Needle Arts circular needles. Kate has been very skeptical (mainly because the are pricey – this pair normally costs $42, but I purchased them for $38 at the Fair). We both like and use AddiTurbo needles – I prefer the Addi Lace – but Addi’s have been our standard go-to needle. How do these compare? Well, I think the cable on the SNAs is much more flexible. Plus, the cable is independent of the needles, which means if the cable gets a little kink in it, you can simply twist the cable and not the needle to get the kink out – kinda helpful when you have tons of stitches on the needle itself. Plus these come with LOTS of options: you can choose the point (stiletto or normal), the length of the needle itself (on circulars they come in 4-, 5-, and 6-inch needles) and the length of the cable. Now, to be fair, the Addi’s come with options for the tip (Lace or regurlar) and the length of the cable, but NOT the length of the needle. So if you are like me and have smaller hands, the smaller needles will work splendidly. On the other hand, if you prefer a longer needle, well, they have options for that as well.

As to how the knit – like a dream. My yarn is not too slippery on them (on regular Addi’s my yarn tends to be very slippery, not as much with the Lace Addi’s because the lace needles are made differently). But the main selling point for me is that the needles themselves feel lighter to me than the Addi’s. I don’t know – the differences are, in some cases, minute, but the minutiae adds up. These are going to be a favorite with me. Now if I could just afford another pair…..