recovery and preparation

I’m back from my Maryland trip…and oh, what a trip it was! I don’t have the time to fully update everyone on the weekend, but let’s just say that it accomplished several things:

  1. I purchased a set of needles that I’ve been coveting wanting for a while now. The company had a booth at the Fare and so had the opportunity to try them out first. Awesome!
  2. I didn’t (much) think about work – making this a true vacation.
  3. I felt rejuvenated.
  4. I got some knitting done. Not that you could really current project consists of miles and miles of stockinette stitch…truly a boring and mindless knitting pattern.

And as much fun as I had IN Maryland, the trip there and back was NOT fun. Both trips required a plane change in Philadelphia…and both were a challenge. We nearly missed both flights. No kidding. On the way home we were so late that I was running… in the only way that a knee-challenged, overweight, luggage dragging, tote bag carrying person can run. It was not pretty and it was not fun. But we made it. 🙂

I was hoping that yesterday would be recovery day, and it was, to a degree. I had to do some grocery shopping after work, and then I went home and crashed. Today, here are my tasks:

  1. Go to church after work and build the visuals file for Sunday.
  2. Go home and do a load (or two) of laundry.
  3. Mow my yard. (My poor, pathetic yard.)
  4. Pack.

So it looks like I will have no rest until next week. But that’s okay, I’m young, right?