strange yet interesting

Someone told me recently that I’m a little strange, yet interesting. I’m not sure how to take this, really. Is it a compliment? I hope so, at least that is how I choose to interpret the comment. This came on the heels of my explanation of what I’m doing this weekend – going to Maryland for a “knitting retreat” (of sorts). It is not really a retreat, and yet it is. I’ll be gone 5 days and activities will include knitting, meeting a woman who built her own spinning wheel, volunteering and then working at the 40th Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival and who knows what else! Strange? Perhaps. Interesting? Definitely!

The hardest part of going on a weekend like this is packing. How much? How little? Carry on? If so, will I have room for purchases? If not, what do I carry? Clothing? I’m tracking the weather very closely and it looks to be good weather, so I think we’ll be thankful for that.

As to knitting projects…I need to take something that can be knit with minimal concentration, and perhaps something a little more complicated, but whatever I take I need to make sure I have enough of it.

I’ve got my dollar limit for the weekend, and some ideas for what I would like to purchase, so that is all set.

My class ended today so I’m a free woman to ponder these things!