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I’m currently knitting a shawl – something simple for the office, nothing special – but I’m making it up as I go. I’ve never done this before in knitting and even when I’ve tried to alter a pattern I’ve gotten myself into trouble. So it is with *much* trepidation that I even consider making it up as I go, but here I am, doing it anyway. The premise of the shawl is simple – simple raglan increases with a length that will cover my arms. This last part is important to me because I’m always cold in my office – summer, spring, fall and winter – and I do a LOT of typing, you know, being a computer programmer and all, so my arms are always on the desk, exposed. Winter is not a big deal because I wear long sleeves, but in the summer, well, let’s just say that I need to cover them up – no way am I going to wear a sweater/long sleeves in the summer just because I am cold in my office. No way.

I bought this yarn about 7-8 years ago to make another shawl that, let’s just say, got frogged. (This is a long story, but what I will say is that I saw this shrug in a magazine and *really* wanted to knit it, but it was charted and I had never read a chart before and, well, I sort of read it backwards and the cables didn’t look right. after about 15 inches of knitting I finally gave up and frogged.) Anyway, I have 4 skeins of this yearn in Chino and 3 skeins in Indigo. It is a soft acrylic yarn, worsted weight that I think will be perfect for office stuff. I won’t care too much about it if something happens to it, yet it should keep me warm.

So, I’m knitting away on this simple raglan shawl when I decide that I want both the Chico and Indigo colors in the shawl. Now there are probably a million ways that I could do this, but after thinking about it for a while, this is what I have come up with.

Shawl Colors

Now this seems like a fairly simple stripe pattern, but let me tell you, it has caused much consternation in my life. Trying to get the stripes to gradually increase/decrease evenly has been a challenge. But I think I’ve finally done it, and I am nearly into the solid blue section. Now, I’m realizing that I might want to do this again towards the bottom so that the top and bottom are in the Chino color with the center being the blue. Oy-vey. Designing knit wear is hard.


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  1. It may be hard, but it is so rewarding to look back and say “I did it myself!” You’ve knit enough shawls now to understand the basics. And this way you’ll have exactly what you want. Go Tonja!

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