getting ready for a trip

Wow, how lacking in posts this blog is! I’ve been, ah, a wee bit “otherwise engaged” for a few weeks. I finally had the flu – I say finally because I haven’t had the flu in something like 8 years (I kid you not!) and so I was probably long overdue for some illness. It is no fun, I tell you, no fun at all, being sick by yourself. I think I spent the total of 60 hours in bed for the first 72 hours. But I am better, now, thank you for asking.

I haven’t knit much lately, not only because I’ve been sick, but also because I am trying to finish up my final project for school, which is due next Monday. After Monday I am a free woman, at least until my next class. I’m trying to get the project finished by Friday so that I can actually enjoy my weekend. I’m going to take Bug to see Jurassic Park in 3D on Saturday, and then on Sunday after church I’m going to a birthday party for my cousin’s daughter, whom I have been neglectful of for about 18 months. Then I have class on Monday and then the rest of the week I’ll be counting down to Friday, when K2Frog2 and I will be boarding a (very) early plane to see TinkerBell. Maryland, here we come!

Five days of knitting overload…and I am SO looking forward to it. Good food, good company, good knitting – who wouldn’t love a weekend like this! Plus, we’ll be going to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. Bonus!

So you’ll just have to stay tuned until next weekend when I have lots and lots of posts from the knitter’s weekend!


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