congratulations K1Frog2!

Kate has been working for about a year to become a Master Knitter (personally, I’ve always though of her as a master knitter…). And guess what? SHE PASSED! She can now, officially, wear this:

masterknitterpinThat is the Master Knitter pin from The Knitting Guild of America – the tester and protector of all master knitters…

I have a strong appreciation for what she has learned – the Master’s program is not just about how to knit…it is about HOW TO KNIT – all the technical details of things such as, but not limited to, questions like: how do you maintain even rows/stitches when you are using a combination of knit and purl stitches? A problem I definitely have.

She had to do research, write an essay and knit several swatches ( a few of which were returned and she was asked to do again). Kate has learned much about the professional and technical side of knitting and I stand in awe of her!

Congratulations, Kate! Job well done!


3 thoughts on “congratulations K1Frog2!

  1. Hate to rain on your parade, but I only passed the first level. I don’t think I can wear the pin until I pass the other two levels. But thanks for the vote of confidence…

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