I need to start a new project but I’m facing a bit of indecision – I can’t decide what to do.

On the one hand I have promised a certain niece a poncho. I have a pattern, I have the yarn. I have the needles.

On the other hand, I have a shawl in progress – I obviously have the yarn, I obviously have the needles, but, I’m making up the pattern as I go.

On the other hand, I have a shawl in progress – again, have the pattern, yarn and needles – but the pattern is lace and requires extreme concentration.

On the other hand, I have socks in progress. Boring and repetitive.

On the other hand, I have numerous patterns in my queue, and even in certain cases yarn to go with them, but they require the gumption to get started, which is more energy than I seem to be able to muster at the moment.


What to do…what to do.


2 thoughts on “indecision

  1. When I get this way I do a short, fun project. I get to knit, I get to feel like I’ve completed something, and it usually pulls me out of the doldrums I’m in.

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