survival of the fittest


Even without people sending me food ***ahemmomanddad***, I seem to be faring okay. I did some work on my driveway last night after having to threaten the ol’ snow blower with becoming a salvage yard addition, but in the end it started working and did just fine with all the work I gave it to do. The only thing I didn’t do last night was the sidewalk along the north end of my property, which I now regret because in places it is near 15 inches deep, but alas, it will be there when I get home tonight. 🙂

When I finished everything last night, I was able to relax and enjoy a movie – Argo. It was a very well done movie. Well worth seeing again. And, I was also able to come within 3 rows of finishing the Sunset…something I should be able to accomplish tonight. Yey! I’ll be sure to take pictures of it in the blocking process. Mom, it looks like you may have a new shawl for your birthday!

Now it is time to dream about a new projects…hmm….what shall I do next? A sweater, maybe? Or a shawl for me?


One thought on “survival of the fittest

  1. Remind me to have Derek bring over his feeler gauges to your house. I think he can get your snow blower starting right up.

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