send food NOW

Tomorrow is blizzard day – and we are expecting a whopping 12 inches of snow – I think this is the most snow at one time that I’ve experienced since I’ve been in Chicago-land, but I think we’ve come close to this in the past. The problem is that I have a wind-tunnel between my house and the house just to the south of me and snow doesn’t just accumulate there…it MULITPLIES! Good thing I have a super-duper snow blower capable of 22 inch clearance! I’m estimating that it will take a full gallon of gas to do the driveway, since there will be WAY more than 12 inches of snow there come tomorrow night. So, please help a poor girl out and send some food…you know the mail system is going to be running! I’ll post pics once I clear my way out.

In knitterly news – I almost finished the Sunset yesterday…I have roughly 19 rows to go – 16 for the final parts of the cable pattern and 3 rows for the ribbing and then, boom! Done. Perhaps is they close the school tomorrow I can stay home and knit. Oh wouldn’t that be a lovely day!


2 thoughts on “send food NOW

  1. It’ll never happen…closing the school, that is. I predict they’ll send us home early, though. If you really get desperate for food, you could always hike to Russ’s!

  2. Don’t forget that when I came up to be with you for your knee surgery, it snowed 12 inches—the most I have ever seen in my life! And–I HAD TO DRIVE IN IT!!!!

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