in the cookie jar

I’ve started savingcookiejar money for the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival (not in a cookie jar, that would be dumb now that I’ve written this post). I am just itching for that day in May when I get to wake up at 3 AM and make my way down to the airport via limo (yes, a limo….), very impatiently, I might add. It is a good thing that my suitcase is small and yet roomy…cause I plan on bringing stuff back. Hopefully. If I find a deal. I need to think about projects first, so that I know what I’m buying for – no more random yarn purchases for me, no sireee-bob, they will all have a designated purpose from now on out – I just need to be realistic as to how many projects end up in the queue. I’m thinking a good 20-30 at any given time should give me plenty of flexibility. 🙂

I plan on taking a surprise birthday trip this year – I’m not saying where I’m going, but it will be fun! (Kate knows, cause she is going with, but no one else in the whole wide world knows….shhhh!)

And I had a very relaxing evening last night doing nothing but reading – pleasure reading! Yey for spring break! I got my grade back on my massive 55-page Greek notebook and …. wait for it….I made an A. Woohoo! I can’t pass a quiz for anything in the world, but give me a notebook to do and I can rock and roll! 🙂 I’m thinking this might give me a fighting chance at a B, but I’m not holding my breath.

Anyway, Latha, Kate and I are going to a local yarn store…gotta run!