update on my final

Here’s a little world into the life of a seminary student. One of the classes I’m taking is called Greek Exegesis II – it is the second of three exegesis classes I have to take as part of the MDIV program. The goal of Exegesis, whether it is Greek or Hebrew, is to gain an in-depth, non-scholarly, understanding of how the languages work, what the issues are in translation and to better appreciate the original documents. Let me just say this: Greek is MUCH more difficult that Hebrew. By far!

Anyway, in class this semester, we have been working on translating 1 Peter – at least through 1 Peter 3:12 because that is as far as we got. Prior to last night we had had three quizzes on smaller portions of the text as we covered it. But the final was supposed to be cumulative, which means he could pull from anything between chapter 1 verse 1 and chapter 3 verse 12. Anything. Being the logically minded person that I am, I figured that because the three quizzes had only taken us to 2:5, there would be a good chance that he would quiz us on something from 2:6 through 3:12. I concentrated on those verses because I just knew that’s what he would do.

I was wrong. He tested us on something from chapter 1. Oy-vey! Near panic set in as I read the first sentence and my eyes clouded over because I didn’t recognize anything. I mean NOTHING. (Well, that’s a lie, I did recognize the small words – you, him, Christ, etc, but not the big words.) So I started writing down the words that I knew. Before long, I felt a great inner peace come over me because even though I didn’t know all the big words, I knew enough…just enough to make some, general sense of the passage. Now, was my translation perfect? NO, not by any means, but I knew enough. I think I even did well on the questions about my translation – things like parsing, how is this dative functioning, etc. – that I was able to do decent work on those questions as well. I felt calm and I could tell that someone out there was thinking/praying for me. Well, it worked. Thank you.

It is a huge relief to have this class over and done. I went to bed last night at 9:30, set my alarm for 6:30 and slept blissfully until it went off. And I woke up to a nice fluffy, white world. Although, I didn’t shovel or plow this morning. I’ll do that tonight – because you know, I don’t have to study tonight! 🙂