Greek vocabulary word of the day: 2-21-2013 4-00-30 PM

Meaning: portent, omen

It was with this ominous word floating around in my mind today that I witnessed a freaky driving accident on the way to work. I was approaching a T-intersection and was in the left lane to, well, turn left when the driver that was coming from the left, made his left turn – to go the direction that I had been going, suddenly did a 360 across the intersection, over the curb into the fire hydrant back into the middle of the intersection before stopping. I swear I thought he was going to hit me. The driver on my right, who would have gone straight and then been behind this guy, quickly got out of her car, yelled for me to call 911 and then went to assist the poor fellow. It was my first 911 accident/emergency call – like e.v.e.r.

The guy was okay but his car wouldn’t start, so we all waited for the policeman (quite cute, btw) arrive and pushed the car out-of-the-way. I gave my name and number in case it was needed.

But, boy, it got my heart a-thumping! I’m hoping that it doesn’t prove to be a bad omen for tonight. The final quiz will start around 8:30 tonight, so if you are up to and think about it – please send good thoughts my way – I’ll sure need them!


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