survival goal

I was much enthusiastic last week about school being cancelled and getting a much-needed night off. That is until I had class last night. Quad A (first half of the semester) ends next week, which means that I have a final quiz next week.

And, because we got behind due to a missed class…well it means one fewer quiz to cushion my grade and more verses on the final. In fact, things just got a whole lot worse.

Here’s what I need to do:

  1. Finish my notebook – which holds the translation for all of 1 Peter chapter 1-3 (this one is particularly frustrating as MS Word and I have been exchanging a few *choice* words because it keeps wanting to corrupt my wonderful tables and then destroying all my work – I’ve nearly lost 2 sections of my notebook)
  2. Somehow find it in me to memorize 45 words – all the words that occur in the Greek New Testament 16 times.
  3. Somehow find it in me to *memorize* all of 1 Peter 1-3, verse by verse, parsing by parsing, minutia by minutia. This will be the most difficult.
  4. Finally I need to diagram 1 Peter 3:1-7. In Greek, no less.

My goal right now is just to survive. I’ll crash later. Oh – and if you see me looking like a zombie, you’ll know why.