a year with h.pylori

It was in May last year that I was diagnosed with having a stomach bacterial infection called H. Pylori. My symptoms had been subtly growing since December 2011, but became rather dire in late April. After some extensive blood tests and an endoscopy it was determined that this was the little bug that had infested my stomach. I went on a round of extremely aggressive antibiotics and three months of an acid reducer because I had some irritation in the lining of my stomach and whatever it is connected to (small intestines?).

Basically this little bacteria affects people differently, but for me I was experiencing a big loss of appetite and increased heartburn/acid reflux.

I think I’m finally getting over it.

Its been a year.

Usually (and when I say “usually”, I mean prior to fall 2011 when things started going haywire), I’m hungry first thing in the morning. I’ve always believed that this is because I eat dinner early (between 5-6 PM) and thus I’m hungry when I wake up. Not so with H. Pylori. I would wake up and not “feel” hungry until 11 AM or so and after eating something, I wouldn’t feel hungry again until 7-8 PM, which was usually way past my dinner time.

Saturday I woke up hungry for the first time since this whole thing started. And it happened on Sunday morning as well. And it happened this morning too. Is it too early to be optimistic that my regulatory system might be returning to normal? Hope – I have hope that it is.

I have no knitting/progress news today, but I will say that I have a friend who is teaching herself how to knit and I’ve been impressed with her perseverance. Go Lee Ann!