school…the black hole of time

I’m not sure how I talked myself into taking 4 classes this semester, but here I am: taking 4 classes. Mind you, I’m only actually in 2 classes at any given time (one is quad A, two are quad B and one is all semester. The quad classes are the first half and second half of the semester (but are in fact a whole semester’s worth of class), but still – 4 classes.

The problem that I see with this is that classes take up time – time that could otherwise be spent knitting. Although, now that I think about it, I surely didn’t spend all my “free” time knitting – I guess it just seems that way. If only because I now have no free time – all time is consumed with the following (in order of importance) 1) greek, 2) worship class, 3) greek, 4) sleep, 5) greek 6) work, 7) greek and 8) life-sustaining activities like eating, grocery shopping (so that I can eat) and such.

But last night I took advantage of “the weather”. 🙂 It snowed something fierce yesterday and mostly while everyone was at work…leaving driving conditions during rush hour something meriting a badge of honor if one survived. (Were you on the roads during the white-out of 2013? Why yes..I mistakenly tried to go to class only to find that I was driving at a rate of less than 3 miles per hour…and my school was 15 miles away. After an hour’s worth of driving I gave up and spent another hour trying to get home. But I consider myself lucky: I’ve heard that some people who had to take a beloved spouse to O’Hare during the storm were lost in the melee for upwards of 4-5 hours! Whew! I’m *so* glad I didn’t have to do *that*!*^^)

Anyway, back to me and last night. I was sitting there…watching a tv show because I thought, “wow…a Thursday night with no school…maybe I should just take a complete break and not even think about school. Cool!”, and so I started watching some TV. But, after a few hours, it suddenly occurred to me – I could be KNITTING! AAAAK! This is what school and the vortex-time-sucking-black hole of my life has done – IT MADE ME FORGET TO KNIT!

*^^true and actual story. A friend that was going to a conference was dropped off by her husband an hour before her flight took off. Not only did she make it to her destination (2.5 hours in flight) before he made it back home – she also had time to do things like check into the hotel and eat dinner. Yeah – the roads were *that* bad!