and a new year begins

I’ve been absent for a while because I’ve been on vacation. And it was actually a vacation – I felt rested and renewed when I came back, which to me means that this was a true vacation. And…I got lots of knitting done.

I’m knitting this:

sunsetIt will be a gift for my mom, who asked for a non-rectangular shawl back in October. When I first started this shawl, you may recall that I was having major problems with gauge – you know, that thing that determines how big an object will be based on the weight (size) of the yarn, the size of the needles and how *ahem* tight or loose that you knit. My biggest challenge is that I’m a very tight knitter, which means that I usually have to go up a size or two in my needles in order to get the correct guage.

So…after casting this project on and knitting for a while, I discovered that it was appearing to be a little on the small size…so I tested the gauge and yes, my gauge was way off. So I’ve gone up 2 whole needle sizes and while my gauge is still off a little…things are going better. This shawl is really interesting because it is constructed in a rather different way. Usually the circularity of the shawl is simply achieved by increase rows – where you increase one stitch every 5 or so. But not this shawl. This shawl has you follow the normal pattern of increasing, but only up to a point. After a certain point the shawl is turned 90 degrees and then knit perpendicular to the main body of the shawl. See diagram below:


I’ve never knit something like this and it is actually much more simple than I had anticipated. The flounce (the part that is knit at the 90 degree angle) has 21 repeats of the cable pattern and as of today I’ve finished 9 of the repeats. I’m hoping to get this completed within the next few weeks because once the semester starts in for good my knitting time will greatly diminish. I’ll keep you posted as to how far I get after tomorrow – tomorrow being the Downton Abbey Season 3 marathon with Jane and Lee Ann. Lots of knitting and probably lots of tears. Should make for a great day!

2 thoughts on “and a new year begins

  1. The shawl looks cool. Glad your vacation was good. When my house is no longer a Petri dish we should get together and knit. Enjoy the Abbey marathon!

    1. I’ve heard about your petri dish experiment. I’m still attempting to get over a cold…so I’ll wait until the house is sanitized! Hope you start to feel better really soon….

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