I’ve been frantically trying to gather/collect things that I need to take with me to Atlanta – things like knitting projects. However, I’m at the point of most of my projects that are nearly ready for their next ball of yarn to be attached. Since doing some rearranging in my office/craftroom for a holiday party a few weeks ago, I have misplaced my ball winder and my swift.

Now, I could go “old school” and put the yarn on the back of a chair and wind it up into a ball by hand. But quite frankly, that just wouldn’t be any fun. Nor would it be efficient – and I certainly don’t have a lot of time to get all the yarn that I’ll need on vacation wound before I leave.

Now if I were driving instead of flying, then there would be no question: I could easily take what I need with me and just wind things up as I need them. But I am flying, not driving, and I just don’t have the room in my suitcase to take my swift and ball winder with me.

So I was in near panic mode this morning as I was searching for the two pieces of equipment that I desperately needed. And luck was on my side because I found both of them, the ball winder and the swift.


This is what they look like. You just wrap the yarn aroudn the pegs on the swift, attach it to the winder, crank the handle and off you go – one very nicely ball of yarn!

On another note, this is a picture of the “thunder snow” storm we had yesterday.


All 3-6 inches of it. đŸ˜‰