I am almost done with my paper that is due tomorrow.

I am almost finished studying for my exam that is tomorrow at noon.

I am almost caught up on sleep.

I am almost ready for my presentation at a conference on Friday.

I am *so* almost ready for a few hours of knitting in the car on the way to the conference.

I have almost decided that I’m going to knit the shawl on 9s instead of 10s because, while my guage is off, the 9s produce a better fabric.

Here is a pic of the almost complete spinning wheel that I own:



3 thoughts on “almost

  1. Does this mean that there are parts that you don’t have or does it mean that you have not put it all together yet? AND when you DO get it all together, do you know how to use it?????

    1. Well, the most obvious part that is missing is the wheel. Aside from that, there I’m not really sure that I have the thing put together correctly. I did find 1 additional part in the box that Marylin didn’t see, so I added that to the contraption. What I really need to do is to take it to a place that builds spinning wheels and have them assemble and make the parts I don’t have. And no, I have no clue how the thing works!

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