a brief interlude

As I begin to settle down a tad, having finished one class (yey!) and starting to focus on the finish line of the other class, I’ve been exploring some of the features and apps on my new phone. (Mom, I think you’ll love some of these and I can’t wait to share them with you…).

One of them is a camera app (the phone already has a camera) that takes photos that you can easily share with Flickr, Twitter and Facebook. Plus, it has some pre-set alterations that you can apply like sepia.

So this morning when I ventured outside to go to work and discovered the shroud of fog hanging around, I thought what a wonderful day to take pictures! So here you go. Welcome to my world.

This was my first stop…a house in my neighborhood.

This is the Waukegan Harbor.

And these are 2 images from Lake Forest College with different “filters” applied through the Instagram app.

Hope you enjoyed this brief pictorial interlude today. And I hope that you have a very happy Thanksgiving!


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