my name in virtual print

I do not have the excuse of Hurricane Sandy getting in my way. Nor do I have the excuse that my house blew up. But the fact is I’ve been crazy busy these last few weeks. I have a quiz coming up this week plus 10 verses to have translated, which for me is nearly overwhelming. Plus, in my other class, I have 5, yes, f.i.v.e., papers due by Nov. 20 + a mock counseling session to video tape + one mock counseling session to critique + 5 more chapters to read.

But on another note, I was checking up on my friend, Jane Steen today and my review of her book was front and center…kinda felt good to see my name there.

If you haven’t read this book – you need to (Mom) and the best thing is that it is less than $3. Can’t beat that price. (Clicking on the picture will take you to the Amazon page.)

Hopefully I will be able to do a complete NSKO update with pictures in a few weeks when my life returns to something that resembles normal, whatever that may be.


Edited to add: oops…the name of the book is “The House of Closed Doors”.


One thought on “my name in virtual print

  1. Thanks for the plug…with apologies I have to explain that I’ll soon be putting the price up to $3.99, which Amazon will discount to $3.82 because that’s what Google does when I set the price at $4.99. Confused yet? I am. But it’s still at $2.51 for another couple of days and let’s face it, how much do you pay for coffee?

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