have you had your hoppel popple today?

It has been quite some time since I last updated. A LOT has happened in the intervening time and I’m sure you are all curious as to whether or not I met all of my deadlines.

Let’s review:

The last we heard of our heroine she was feeling stressed with too much work to do for school and her impending house guest. She did do a smart thing and make a list of the tasks that needed to be completed and managed to do everything on her list except the last item: she ended up NOT going insane, but it was a close call.

The dining room ended up being a terra-cotta color (a bit to orange-y, but that’s okay) and looks fabulous – especially since the living room is blue. The terra-cotta will contrast nicely with all the lighthouse/water pictures and all who saw the room marveled at the color choice.

The only near mishap is that she *almost* ran out of undies, but, that was a situation easily remedied.

The 3rd Annual NSKO was a success. All three knitters managed to complete at least 2 projects and made significant progress towards other projects, some of which cannot be mentioned at this time. K1Frog2 and I were very happily surprised when TinkerBell’s husband pulled the NSKO3 logo from my blog and made us all buttons to wear – which we wore all weekend long. It is interesting to me how few people pondered three otherwise respectable women all wearing the same button and fanatically knitting in public. I guess people really aren’t curious after all.

We discovered 2 new restaurants: Joplin Java, a combination coffee-house/music lesson store (and while you think that is a weird combination (to which you would be right) it actually works) and Big Ed’s BBQ – with wonderful brisket BBQ nachos! Both of which are in downtown Waukegan – who knew?

The NSKO culminated in a trip to a new yarn store in Milwaukee on our way to take TinkerBell to the airport. While the store had a very nice and large selection of yarn, the staff were…how shall we put this?…a little stand-offish. Not that I mind not being bothered and harassed constantly by a sales person, but when there were questions to be asked…well, let’s just say the service could have been a little friendlier.

The final event was lunch at a little diner near the new yarn store – a little Ukrainian place that was very cute and had great food. I had Hopple Popple and lest you think I’m making this up – it is a German dish. I Googled it. It is basically hash browns with onion, bell pepper, salami and eggs – sometimes with cheese, sometimes not (mine didn’t) – and it was very good. Come to find out – strangely enough – I’ve been making this for about a year now. Who knew? Jimmy Deans makes this potato/onion/bell pepper/bacon or sausage thing that you add to eggs and when I make it I add cheese. I’ve been hoppel-poppeling for a while and didn’t even know it!

I wish I could post pictures today but I figured that an update needed to happen lest people start to worry about my sanity, so you’ll get the pics next week.