I made a little logo for us this year:

I’m in the process of leaving work to go home and do the folowing before the NSKO3 officially commences:

  1. build a desk
  2. wash sheets
  3. clean bathroom
  4. take out the trash
  5. finish paper #1
  6. start paper #2
  7. finish homework due tomorrow
  8. memorize words that are due tomorrow
  9. make a grocery list
  10. go grocery shopping
  11. remove tape from dining room walls
  12. put living room back together
  13. move chair into living room
  14. move furniture in living room so that chair can be moved in
  15. wash clothes
  16. maybe sleep
  17. probably go insane



2 thoughts on “nsko3

  1. Insanity isn’t nearly as bad as some make it out to be. Enjoy the trip to crazyland! See you tomorrow. Oh, and I LOVE the logo!

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