broken pants

I don’t own a lot of pants. In fact, I currently own one pair of jeans, two pairs of capris, and a myriad of shorts. Last winter I purchased two new pairs of pants – a very rare treat for me. These new pants were very comfortable and were only about 1/2 an inch too long. In otherwords, they fit rather well.

The first pair was destroyed in what I lovingly refer to as “the LC start-up/not-wanna-go” fiasco back over Spring Break this year. I think LC just decided one morning that she didn’t want to go anywhere, but unfortunately I really needed to go to church, as I am the sole “technician” and well, the band depends on me to be there. So after a number of phone calls home, to Michael, I finally make a call to Derek, K1Frog2’s husband. Kate was gone somewhere (I think to visit her Mom?) and when I called, D was asleep. When I finally got ahold of him, he decided to trek over to my house to see what was up with LC. (Keep in mind that he thinks I am totally NUTS for naming my car, but we won’t go there.) In the meantime, I thought it would be best for all involved (namely LC) if she were in the yard as opposed to the garage because the garage was a little dark and, let’s face it, not very roomey. So I thought, hey, I can push her into the yard myself, I mean, I pushed my Accord a few times, so what is that to pushing a Fit? So I put her in neutral, released the break and, and with the door open (you know, so I could hop in and stop her quickly), started pushing.

I have to stop here for a moment and warn inform you that Honda Fits are very, uh, shall we say, light? (i.e. they are easy to push!) She started rolling and as she was picking up speed, I suddenly realized that the door was still open and, well, the garage wall was about to have a door-sized hole in it. So I did what came nautrally – I shut the door.

The next set of events will forever be etched in my mind in slow motion. As soon as I shut the door, and the car kept on rolling, I relized that she was rolling rather quickly. and was very quickly approaching my house. Not one to want/need a car-sized hole in my house, I scrambled to get out of the garage so that I could hop in the car and stop her. But here is the thing. There aint a lot of room built into garage doors. There is generally enough room to get the car through, but that is it. Trying to fit me between the car and the garage doorway wasn’t easy (I was also trying to avoid running over my toes), and by the time I was able to squeeze out, there was a rip in my jeans from the top of my butt all the way down to mid-thigh. And wouldn’t you know, as soon as I got out side, LC came to a stop. Almost like she *knew* she was in trouble. Go figure.

Anyway, humor asside, I have been wearing the other pair of pants rather a lot – especially since it started getting cold again. This pair of pants, though, has issues. I first noticed about 6 weeks ago that the teeth at the bottom of the zipper were starting to fall out, causing the zipper to run off track. So I placed a safety pin inside to stop the zipper. This worked quite well until I forgot that the safety pin was there and pulled a little too hard on the opening causing the zipper to get stuck in the safety pin. Each time it does this (yes, it has happened more than once) the zipper always seems to lose more teeth. 😦 Anyway, last night as I was putting sound equipment away after a meeting at church, I squated down and – rip – the zipper pulled completely apart. The zipper-pull was at the top…but the zipper was completely open. Luckily I don’t wear tight fitting tops, or short fitting tops and was able to hid my “openness” until I could get to the restroom and figure out what was going on. I was very happy to see that all remaining teeth were intact and that it just came undone from the bottom up.

In summary, I have broken 2 pairs of pants this year. Not a good track record.


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