self delusion

I feel like all I have been doing recently is complaining about something or other. I believe this is a result of being in a state of denial. I think some part of me wanted to think that I could maintain my busy schedule AND be in school at the same time without giving anything up. I now know how completely delusional I have been and will be checking myself into a mental hospital with a padded room very shortly.

But before I do that, I did want to let you know a few things about my current knitting projects. I finished the quasi-Whippoorwill shawl by simply adding a little ruffled border. I finished this little project up while visiting my grandmother, Meme, and she liked it, so I ended up giving it to her and then taking it back because I need to block it. But regardless, it is finished. See? (click to embiggen and see her wonderful smile)

This weekend, though, I will be trying to accomplish a feat never before tried. I have a paper due next Thursday and one due the following Thursday. I will attempt to write both reports by noon this Thursday, which means that a majority of the weekend will be at the library. In addition to this, I have begun a process to which there is no about-face – painting the dining room. Which means that I will also spend a significant portion of the weekend painting. I also have a tech job at church tonight and one tomorrow morning (both of which will contribute to my iPhone 5 fund quite nicely). Basically I have Saturday and Sunday afternoons, Monday and Tuesday evenings and Thursday morning to get ALL of this done. Oh, wait, one more thing. Lee Ann and I will be constructing a desk for me on Thursday morning. 🙂 See what I mean?

I’m thinking that overall, I need to change something in my life. I’ve been thinking about my class and how I’m not really learning effectively right now, which is to say that while I have not failed a quiz yet, I’m not really learning what I need to be learning. So I am changing my study methods which should help in the short run. But I’m also thinking of stopping my small group on Wednesday nights. I will be very sad to do this, but I just don’t have the energy for it, which is sad because I love the women in my group and I would surely miss them. But I don’t really know what else I can give up to make room in my schedule. *sigh*

In very exciting news that is placing some level of anxiety on my limited time is the NSKO3 – the Third Annual North Shore Knit Out. TinkerBell is coming on Thursday all the way from Maryland and we will have almost 5 whole days of knitting and other such fun. (Don’t worry about my stress here, it is completely self imposed “pity-me” speak and will be completely gone by the time the NSKO3 commences.)

I plan on making (or at least starting) the little skirt thing for Gabby and starting on a shawl for my Mom. I purchased this yarn (click to embiggen and see yarn up close and personal):

This is Malabriggo Rios in a colorway called Pearl Ten. Isn’t it lovely? I L.O.V.E. Malabriggo, so I *know* that Mom will love how soft and warm and cozy this shawl is going to be.

And here…is the pattern:



The name of the shawl is Sunset, but it really looks lovely in the darker colorway, dontcha think? I plan on making the larger size so that it will cover her arms down to the elbows fully.

Okay? So there we are. I need to get back to my self-deluded life and find that looney bin that I’ve been talking about…toodles!


2 thoughts on “self delusion

  1. I do like the shawl pattern. I agree that the darker color is very attractive. And while I can’t help you write papers, I can help with painting if you want. I used to be afraid of it, then I painted our dining room by myself, and now I feel quite confident and even rather proud that I can do it. See you soon!

  2. I love love love love the pattern and the color choice. Thank you in advance. I can’t help you paint–only because I am not there. Nor can I help you study. I can only tell you that you will get things done, not necessarily on your time frame but on the Lord’s. By the way, I am making progress on the Heritage album.

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