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It was with some trepidation on Sunday night that I decided to look on my syllabus to see exactly where I should be with word memorization. When one sets about the task to learn something as foreign as a Biblical Language – i.e. a language that is no longer a communication standard – we tend to think of words as to how frequently they occur. Obviously if a word occurs a billion times within a certain text there will be no question as to what the word means. But when you get down to a word that occurs only once, well, then there are issues and I won’t get into those. But I will say that I was supposed to be down to 32 occurrences by this Thursday and on Sunday night before I looked at where I was supposed to be, I though I was at the 40 range. All this to say that when I actually looked at the words that I had been working on, lo and behold, I had been working on the set of 32-40 occurrences. WOOHOO! It felt really good to know that I was NOT one bit behind, that I was on course, and I was chugging away happily. I also completed the reading that was due for this week and (*AND*) I started working on my little paper that is due next week.

Whew. I feels good to be on track once again.

So on Sunday night, when I discovered that I was doing okay with my words, I revisited an old project that I had set aside placed in time out way back in the early months of this year. This is quickly becoming a project that is a complete fabrication of my wasted brain. I know what I’m aiming for, but I have no clue how to get there. I’m trying to combine a simple shawl with this:

A nice little flower-lace panel. This is a two-chart pattern and I had made it as far as a few rows into the second chart when I discovered that about 9 rows back I had made a mistake. 9 whole rows. It took me that long to notice it. Well, I can’t knit backwards that much so I decided to frog. So I re-cast on and started knitting merrily away and was on, like, row 17 when I had discovered another mistake. F.R.O.G.

*sigh* I’m not sure I’m ever going to get this lace thing down. I’ve cast on again and am trying to be extra diligent on each repeat (basically each side of the square is a repeat, so there are 4 per row) and double checking the pattern and stitches.

My only problem(s) are these: once the lace panel is finished, how will I attach it to the shawl? Will I bind off the sides and attach the top and bottom and somehow factor in the sides, or will I do something tricky and attach the top and do something sideways to accommodate the sides? If I do the top, will I do Kitchener stitch across the top, or will I bind off the panel first and then attach it to the shawl? You can see that my questions are endless at this point…and that I have no clue what I’m doing. I guess you will have to simply be surprised when I get it finished! (As surprised as I will be, that’s for sure!)


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  1. Perhaps another virtue of knitting, other than producing ‘things’ that are VERY useful and being a useful and addictive activity, is…wait for it…the ability to learn PATIENCE!

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