trying to kick that lazy bug right outa me

I had a quiz last night in Greek class. ARG! I only missed 1 word, which I consider excellent, but man did that whole translation/parsing kick my butt! The problem was that I was too lax over the weekend. I did my homework for this week but I utterly failed at preparing for the quiz. Utter fail. My next quiz is in 2 weeks and guess who is NOT going to fail that one? Me – only if I can kick that lazy bug outa me, ’cause this is a *nasty* little bugger.

In better news (which will demonstrate for you exactly how bad the lazy bug has bitten me), I am almost finished with the shawl that I’m making*. It was supposed to be one thing, but my math miscalculated and it is ending up being a totally different thing, which is okay cause this other thing is going to be warm, soft and fuzzy – the perfect trifecta for a shawl.

It is late Friday afternoon and I am brain-dead at work. I blasted through quite a few things and now I’m spent, which is why I’m writing on my blog instead of working. Anyhoo, my weekend sort of looks like this: WORDS, Greek passage for next week, research for word study for greek (paper due in 2 weeks), WORDS, Greek passage for next week, review passage from last week and note all unknown words (this is where I tanked on last night’s quiz), WORDS, maybe a nap in there somewhere if I’m diligent enough to actually get work done and if I’m really good I’ll finish that shawl right up. I gotta do something, because I refuse to fail this class. Refuse.

*In case you are wondering where the lazy part of “almost finished the shawl” comes in, here it is: I was knitting instead of studying. While some of you may argue that this is a good thing, I would argue that it was not. 🙂

Out of curiosity, what are YOU doing this weekend? Anything fun?


3 thoughts on “trying to kick that lazy bug right outa me

  1. Not unless you consider laundry fun! However, your brother-in-law’s birthday dinner will be considered for the fun column.

  2. I too had a laundry weekend. FUN! But I also made applebutter and canned it, and made some vegetarian mincemeat from apples and raisins and yummy spices and seasonings, like orange and brandy. It’s a try out for Christmas.

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