the finish line

To  me, the hardest part of any race is the last few yards (or inches, really). When the gate opens (or the gun goes off or whatever), all I can think about is getting to the finish line (and winning, of course), and so I go full out (at whatever) and before I know it, I’m exhausted and can barely make it to the finish line.

Such it is with knitting. I fall in love with a pattern and find the perfect yarn. I’m so excited that I cast on immediately. But then. Time passes, and I fall in love with another project. So the first project then goes into an endless linger and the closer to finishing the project I get, the harder it is to finish it. Knitters actually do have a term for this: finishitis. (do a google search for that term and just see how many knitting/crochet/fiber crafts you get a hit on!).

I’ve been working on a shawl called the Whippoorwill since December 14, 2011. I wanted to make a larger version than the “large” in the pattern, miscalculated the number of rows needed, put the darn thing in time out, and when I finally resurrected it about a month ago decided to put a simple ruffle border on it instead of the lovely lace that was the original pattern. A ruffle requires doubling the number of stitches and in my case, it meant going from 580 to 1160. Eleven.hundred.sixty.stitches. UGH! Almost 1200 stitches is enough to make anyone a little lethargic – well, it is enough to make me a little lethargic and a little, well, leery of the finish line. All I have is 6 more rows. SIX. For those who can’t do math that quickly, it is 7200 stitches to the end. *sigh* I’ll finish someday.


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  1. Hang in there! Just keep knitting, a little at a time, and before you know it….you’ll be planning the next shawl!

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