oh how plans change

Well, Mr. Hurricane (Himmicane?) Isaac decided to interrupt my plans to visit Meme, my grandmother. I had planned to take the train into Jackson, MS, whereby my parents would pick me up and we’d all three go into Louisiana (Northeast corner) to visit Meme. She’s not been doing well – had a UTI that some think has affected her dimentia (and yes, she has been acting wierd) – so I was really hoping to see her. But I’ve rescheduled for the last weekend in September, so I’ll still get to see her soon.

So instead of training down to the south this weekend I decided to scrub my kitchen floor instead. Hands and knees on the floor scrubbing. Night and day difference. I’m Marylin will appreciate it when she comes in October.

I still have not finished Julie’s baby blanket, but I did get to meet the baby this weekend. Such a cutie!

So the big thing is the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival next weekend. Jane, Kate and I will be driving up on Saturday. None of us are taking classes this year (in fact we’ve never taken classes there) but I think all three of us are looking forward to the sheep judging. And all the fiber! I’m not really looking for anything specific this year except maybe some silk. Nothing major, though.

Other than that, I’m really busy with school and work right now. Overwhelmingly busy with work, that’s for sure. And I’m in Greek Exegesis, which is a job in and of itself. I’m living a rather boring life right now – work, study, work, study, sleep.