The Adventures of Tonja and LC: The Lisa Visit

Subtitled: Famous Last Words

One recent evening (i.e. last night) an old friend of Tonja’s from Tucson was in the area and they decided to meet for dinner. The friend, Lisa, was staying with relatives way out in a far western town, so Tonja decided to meet Lisa part-way and then Tonja and LC would take it from there.

Dinner was great and the catching up was good. After dinner Tonja and LC took Lisa on a little drive over to the coast (i.e. Lake Michigan) and a tour of Tonja’s campus (work, not school) and church (the old, not the new) (which was thankfully open for worship rehearsal because the facilities were much needed by that time).

During the drive comments were made about the cheap sunglasses Lisa was wearing vs the “prescription” sunglasses Tonja was wearing. As the evening went on and it started getting dark, Tonja removed her sunglasses and drove without any glasses at all. Lisa commented, rather skeptically, about Tonja’s ability to drive with no glasses and Tonja’s response was “As long as I know where I’m going I’m fine.”

(It must be noted here that on a recent trip to Atlanta, Tonja’s sister expressed the same concern and was rebuffed with the same reply. And even though the driving destination on that day was also circuitous, it had nothing to do with Tonja’s “lack” of vision but with the incorrect directions on Kristin’s TomTom.)

Well, I think you know where this story is headed. After Tonja dropped her friend off and started home, she second-guessed her choice of roads. This is the route she should have taken to get home (click to embiggen):

As Tonja and LC approached the first major intersection, Tonja seemed to remember that Peterson Road was one that she had been on before and was a good one to take, and making a quick decision, turned left. Pretty soon the road came to an end at Route 60, the same road that she had started off on. Puzzled yet determined, Tonja turned right onto 60 and proceeded to drive as if she knew where she was going, completely ignoring the butterfly feeling in the pit of her tummy. When she came to a road called Fairfield Road she knew she was in for. Because she happened to be on the phone with dear friend Lee Ann, and Lee Ann knew Fairfield Road, she quickly advised Tonja how to get home from there.

Tonja and LC made it home just fine – but having taken a nice little 30-minute, unexpected detour of farm land. This is the route they ended up taking:

Quite the circuitous route! But Tonja feels she needs to add that the initial decision to turn onto Peterson Road and all subsequent bad turning decisions were NOT made from lack of vision.

3 thoughts on “The Adventures of Tonja and LC: The Lisa Visit

  1. I’ve had similar experiences, but I made the same mistake over and over. When I lived outside D.C. (Ft. Myers) my friend Megan and I would go for drives in the country. Whenever we would get to 495 I would invariably go in the wrong direction: BTW 495 circles around the city so it isn’t a huge mistake – It just took a really really long time to get where you’re going. I think I lived there for 3 years, I probably got on that stupid freeway at least once a week, but I never did get the hang of it. We always had fun though, and lots of laughs. I have to solidly blame my horrible sense of directions. I think I may have even had this problem when you were visiting me!

  2. I think it’s time to buy LC a nice GPS. Since I’ve had TomTom on my iPhone, my trips are far less circuitous and I’ve probably saved way beyond the price of the app in gas. And I’m saying this who jeered at Felsted’s GPS when he bought it; I have to admit I WAS WRONG (although mine is superior as it’s on my phone and therefore can’t be borrowed by a certain directionally challenged junior family member.)

  3. Getting lost is god’s way of showing us there is more to the world than our route to work and school and back. Think of it as a divine revelation and don’t feel stupid, but rather enlightened.

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