the demands

One of the pleasures of my trip was teaching Olivia how to knit. While she picked up the mechanics of the knit stitch extremely well, I’m not sure how long she will keep up with her newly acquired skills.

One thing we did do was browse Ravelry for a while – which ended up being an extremely long “Tia, I want this!” wish list. One thing she did ask for was a pancho – so I guess that will be my next “must make” knit – after I finish Js baby blanket and after I finish my shawl. She was very spcific with her requirements – she is definitely one girl who knows what she wants and how she wants it.

My task for tomorrow will be to take LC to the car wash for a nice scrub and vacuum. I am astonished at how much “trash” is generated by one 4-year-old and one 7-year-old. I’m not sure LC will ever be the same…


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  1. Amen! to your last paragraph! I’m not sure my car has recovered since their last trip to visit Meme—-and that was in July!

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