the vacation in the vacation

It’s nearly 10 PM on Wednesday and I am dog tired. I’m not even sure why I’m even writing this. I just got back from my vacation within my vacation.

My Aunt, who used to live in the Bay area, moved last year (2 years ago? 18 months ago?) to Montgomery, Alabama. So when I had scheduled this vacation (the main premise being that I would stay at my sister’s and help her run errands and generally get the girls ready for school to start next week because she (my sister) had surgery last week and can’t drive (long story, will tell you later)), I called Sarah and asked if she could come up and spend the weekend with us. She couldn’t, so we (my sister and I) decided to take the girls down there to visit Sarah.

Now, I need to set the stage for you. Way back when Kris and I were little, my family used to make the drive every other year from Tucson, AZ to West Monroe, LA and back (2 days to get there, 10 days there, 2 days to get back). I completely remember those drives as being bliss. Kris and I got along, there was no fighting, no bickering, no “she touched me” or “she’s staring at me”. We shared everything and the drive was a 20-hour bliss.

Fast forward 20 years and Kris and I drove her two tykes to Montgomery, a mere 3.5 hour drive. Sheer hell. (Well, maybe not hell, per se, but it was awfully close). Gabs kept kicking my seat and moving my head rest. We didn’t bring their usual DVD players so they had to “make do” with one iPhone. Gabs takes f.o.r.e.v.e.r. to do anything, so we were constantly waiting on her (poor thing)(the only consolation is that we all know the turtle won the race)(yeah, I know, it wasn’t a turtle, it was a tortoise, but you get the point), sugar makes the totally hyper, then there was the classic mantra “are we there yet” that started before we left the driveway.

The only high points in the whole ordeal were these:

  1. the girls loved Sarah’s dogs and it was fun seeing them go from being terrified to playful with them
  2. I very nearly usurped my dad as being Gabby’s “BFF” and now I am officially the “SBF”*.
  3. I finally got to see the butterfly exhibit at Callaway Gardens
  4. Kris and I got some good sister time in the car
  5. I have a total and complete appreciation for the fact that my parents made the 20-hour there and 20-hour back car rides not once, but MANY times with Kris and I
  6. it is good to know that some things are satisfyingly “generational”

It was also cool to see how excited Gabby was about “going on vacation”. All she could talk about was the hotel and the pool and the “hub hub” (aka hot tub). She absolutely loved the fact that she was on vacation.

*Second Best Friend


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  1. I find it totally strange how, with the passage of time, an event can ‘change’. Of course, you did grow up. But, do you really think there was no bickering, or ‘you touched me’, or ‘you’re on my side of the car’, etc.??????

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