having a successful vacation

If you haven’t noticed, I’m getting ready to go on vacation next week. Vacation, by definition, is “a respite or a time of respite from something”, in my case work. But vacations are work. It takes a lot of effort to plan and go on one and just as much effort when you come back. And then there is the “away time” – lots and lots of work there too.

So how does one plan and execute a successful vacation? Well, for me one of the keys will be to have some down time. I don’t usually “schedule” down time (or personal time) into my vacations, but then I usually stay at my parent’s house, in which my two nieces do not live, so down time happens naturally. However, this time I will be staying at my sister’s house, in which my two nieces do live, so I need to be pro-active in thinking about, and establishing, boundaries. One way I can do this is by swimming every day – I would get at least an hour and a half to my self every day – plus I would get a work out every day (bonus). The question is: what else can I do? I’ll have to ponder this – time is running out.