list making

I am not, by nautre, a list making kind of person. I’m not sure why. I love the idea of lists, but I rarely ever employ them. But for this vacation next week, I have so many things that I need to remember to bring, that I’m going to make a list. Inevitably I forget *something* important on my trips. A few years ago I forgot the battery charger for my camera – so I ended up buying a new battery, which has worked out great – except for when I forget the charger (again), which is what happened on my last vacation. I had 2 batteries and no charger. So I ended up purchasing a new charger and left it at my parent’s house so that should I ever forget the charger again, I will have one there waiting for me.

But forgetfulness is getting a little expensive. I have 4 phone chargers, numerous iPod/iPad dongles, numerous USB chargers that plug into walls and at least 2 camera battery chargers. That’s a lot of extraneous stuff. So tomorrow I am going to review all the electronics that I will be taking with me and making a list. And I will check it twice. And I will add non-electrical things like swimsuit to it. Because forgetting is expensive.

And tomorrow is looking to be the absolute perfect day. I may need to make a list tonight of the things I want to accomplish tomorrow. Oh – there I go again – making a list. That’s a twofer!